Blossom chambers

I am an illustrator and designer, living and working in beautiful west Dorset.


After working in graphic design and print for a large part of my career, I moved over to a more illustrative practice.


I work with and am inspired by plants and the natural world. In my illustrative and printmaking work I consider the complexity of nature and our place within it. Biodiversity and climate are themes to which I return frequently in my work.

being creative

Creativity is a priority for me, the design process is different for different people, for me it needs quality research and reflection for every project.

Liaising regularly with clients is essential, I like to work with clients to achieve an outcome that works hard for them.

collaborative working 

I collaborate with other makers, sharing ideas and fostering networks is a way to ensure that my work is rooted in empathy and that I keep my work current.

how I work

Nature is my constant source of inspiration and I use images from nature in my drawing and printmaking.

I make images using linocut, collagraph, dry point etching and cyanotype prints, paper cut collage, some pen and ink illustration and often pencil and watercolour. I sometimes use plant materials in my work, working directly with a scan of the plant, or making natural inks and I use pressed flowers and dried plants in my printmaking.

As a versatile illustrator and designer, I will work through a brief with you before beginning  your project, set realistic timescales and communicate ideas and sketches to you, working to ensure both parties fully understand the scope of the work.